Special People

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“What a delight the experience was! Anne was friendly and comfortable to communicate with up front. She asked lots of relevant questions about Aimee so that she could help her be at ease through the process. She came to our home so that Aimee could be safe and engaged. She came in the evening since that was the happiest time of day for Aimee. In a very short amount of time with very little fuss, Anne worked with Aimee’s good qualities and took beautiful photos of her. We even were blessed with family photos, which are priceless.
It brings tears to my eyes to think how nervous I was to even consider having photos taken of Aimee and then to have been blessed with a true treasure when the photos came back. Anne made the whole experience a joy. I love her heart and passion to care for deserving children and wish her every success in her endeavor to bring them beautiful photos.”

We have had photos taken of Matthew, as an individual and as part of our family, for his entire life (18 years now). Rarely during that time (and almost never for a professional portrait) have we had photos where he looked natural–smiling or not. We even had a sitting with a photographer who is the parent of a child with autism and was doing a big exhibit of his photography—and were not at all happy with the results. Well, Anne has now performed the miracle! (I know, that’s a rather dramatic statement, but if you had a child who was an 18-year-old senior—who still loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Sesame Street–and all your friends’ kids were posting their beautiful senior photos from their senior sittings, and you wished for a bit of the “normal” for your kid with autism…well, you’d be thrilled, too!)

“My family had been looking specifically for a photographer that had an interest and/or experience with children with special needs. Our oldest child has autism and traumatic brain injury. He is loving, kind, fun, curious, and but he also struggles with sensory processing and language. We found a gem in Anne. From the moment she introduced herself to him, he was all smiles. It was amazing to watch her naturally and without effort ease him into the idea that a completely new person was taking pictures of him. She worked patiently and flexibly with him and his siblings throughout the photo shoot. She met us at one of his favorite parks and let him lead her. The result of her personality, professionals, kindness, and patience were some of the most beautiful pictures that have been taken of our son.”

Published by AnneEYoung

Marketing Director for the town of Winthrop, Washington. Founder of Methow Valley Media Founder of Young Reflections Photography Co-Owner of Old Schoolhouse Brewery Autistic Mom Karuna Reiki Master For more information, contact Anne: email: anneeyoung@outlook.com

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