Affirmations For Special Needs Families

Affirmations (aka mantras) are positive statements meant to lift your spirit, fill you with hope, and love.

You should take a slow breath between each of these statements to let them absorb.

If you resonate with a particular affirmation, you can repeat it to yourself or write it in a place where you’ll see it often.

Please let us know if you think of an affirmation that should be added to the list.


I am enough

I am loved

My child can grow and improve

I enjoy my child

I’m letting predictions of my child’s capabilities fall away

My child loves me

I don’t need everyone to agree with me about what I know my child needs

I don’t need anyone to approve of us

I will assume compassion and empathy from onlookers when I’m with my child in public.

My child is my teacher

My child has many gifts

My child can make dramatic progress

I believe in my child

This isn’t my fault

For each of today’s moments, I forgive myself

I am kind to myself

I love myself

My love for my child is enough

I trust my intuition about what’s best for my child

The resources we need are headed our way

I’m grateful for every little thing about my child

My child is doing the best he/she can

It’s never too late

I will not give up

Miracles happen


Thank you for taking care of yourself so that you can take care of those who need you most. Take time to be grateful and find joy and have a blessed day.

~Anne Young

Published by AnneEYoung

Marketing Director for the town of Winthrop, Washington. Founder of Methow Valley Media Founder of Young Reflections Photography Co-Owner of Old Schoolhouse Brewery Autistic Mom Karuna Reiki Master For more information, contact Anne: email:

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