About Anne


I’m Anne Young, a former teacher of ten years, and a mom. Teachers aren’t supposed to have favorites, but I always found it easy to connect with my autistic students. I often ended up with more than my share of special kiddos in my upper elementary classrooms. Catching these children smiling and glancing at the camera is a challenge that I relish! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy (and sometimes tears) in a mother’s eyes when she sees—for the first time—an image worthy of her child.

I live in Winthrop, WA with my husband, who works at Microsoft, and our two-sweet kiddos, who were born in 2012 and 2013. I’m the marketing director the town and we are co-owners of Old Schoolhouse Brewery in Winthrop, WA.

The focus of my photographic work is on giving back. Each family that commissions me facilitates a photography project to raise awareness through Special Kids Photography of America.


•2018 Finalist Winner of the Golden Teddy Parent Map Award
•Contracted photographer for Lake Washington Schools Foundation for the ’16-17 school year
•Volunteer photographer for Soulumination
•Published in Stories of Autism
•Published in Parent Map
•Published in Methow Valley News
•Published in 425 Magazine
•Published in Clickin Moms
•National Board Certified Teacher of ten years

Contact the photographer: Anne Young

email: Hello@YoungReflectionsPhotography.com
call or text: 206 618 7301

View More: http://naissancestudios.pass.us/headshotevent

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9 thoughts on “About Anne

  1. I applaud you for your work. As a mother of a special needs child I’ve found it quite hard to find a photographer with the patience to do what you do. Bravo!

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  2. Wow! Never before has a photographer truly captured out entire family’s hearts and souls. Just meeting you was a wonderful experience, and I’ve never seen anyone connect with the kids so immediately. Your passion, love for children, and patience made the entire experience so special! Thank you for giving us such a happy memory and gift!

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  3. I’ve never experienced a fun photo shoot before! Our family photos were always mall-staged and formal. Not really like us at all. But doing an outside shoot on a coolish day gave us permission to have messy hair and torn jeans. And it was fun. And it was us. And it was the best photos ever. Thank you!


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