Apple Consulting Opens Bothell Clinic

I’m super excited for a fellow female entrepreneur expanding her business to the Bothell area.  Apple Consulting offers ABA therapy for individuals with behavioral needs.  The therapy has been so renowned and proven for it’s positive benefits to recipients that private insurance now often covers the therapy.  Families are scrambling for the opportunity to useContinue reading “Apple Consulting Opens Bothell Clinic”

Santa Photo Booth

Last weekend I was able to photography almost 70 families at the SEPAC annual craft fair. We were blessed to have Snoqualmie Valley Santa who is also the Santa for the Seahawks. He drives the special needs bus and is a para educator in a transition room in Snoqualmie School District. I’ll upload more photosContinue reading “Santa Photo Booth”

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

This family really melted my heart! See how patient the older brother is? Nothing makes me happier than capturing beautiful hearts like these!!!