Winthrop Vacation Family Photographer

I love how this family thought out of the box for their annual photos! Such a novel idea to have them taking while on vacation in Winthrop. Everyone was so relaxed and were able to really enjoy each other with a beautiful background too.

Does anyone still shoot film? | Seattle Family Photographer

In case you didn’t know, film is not dead. I still shoot and develop my own black and white film at home. I even scan the film to make it useful in this digital age. It was quite refreshing to get these photos from back in snowy February during the hottest week of summer. I hope viewing these can cool you off too.

Methow Valley Family Photos | Winthrop Family Photographer

There’s nothing better than a family photo shoot right at home. The family was able to roll out of bed and enjoy the sunrise together with a camera present to capture the moments.

Massage Therapy | My Photography Business Supporting Yours

I had the honor of helping a good friend launch her Massage Therapy business by providing dynamic images of her passion and expertise. If you’re in Winthrop, WA you should definitely look up Avery Young!

Adventures in Twisp

The cottage we rented didn’t have internet, phone, or cell service, but I have to say we’ve never had a more enjoyable time together! I highly recommend an unplugged getaway for any busy family!